Advancing Volunteerism for Collaborative Actions

We deliver inclusive impact through our five main activities


SociopreneurID Education delivers Entrepreneurship Education for all. It is our effort in achieving SDG: 4 & 17.


SociopreneurID Consulting, Collaboration, and Cooperation is our platform partnerships and related projects, achieving SDG: 8 & 17.


SociopreneurID Experimentation conducts experimentions to seek best-fit innovations for sustainability. It is our effort in achieving SDG: 4, 8, 10, & 13.


SociopreneurID Publication tells Portraits of People to share perspectives and empathy. It is our effort in achieving SDG: 4, 12, & 13.


SociopreneurID Laboratory acts as our design and research playground. We design experimentation programs and conduct researches.

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Another chapter of  creating #HistoryMaker


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A Critical Skill for the Future

09.00 - 11.00 AM (GMT+7)
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Seminggu Sebuku: The Alchemist

19.00 - 20.00 (GMT+7)
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SIDAcademy: Freedom of Expression

09.00 - 10.00 (GMT +7)
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Seminggu Sebuku: Zero Degrees of Empathy

10.00 AM - 12.00 (GMT+7)
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Reader’s Digest



So excited! I'm happy to join this event! Getting new knowledge, becoming friends with new folks - I'm really happy at the event! Hopefully I can again be involved at FeSoVity 2020. See you!

Fadilah Karamun Nisaa Nadiyah - Volunteer


I can relate with SociopreneurID's mission as to which it is needed for the development of elementary school children these days. Moreover, because their methods of development are done easily, simple, and of course fun (for us volunteers too)!

Rianti Destina - Volunteer

Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue

BYTe left me a remarkable impression. I got to meet great people from different backgrounds, involved in productive discussions, and together engaged in innovative process in search of the "right" solution collaborating with others. It's an amazing experience!

Maya Khairunisa - Students


I personally gained new insights that lead to an encouragement to participate in activities that tend to be valuable both for myself and for the others regardless of the scale.

Nina Krisna Ramdhani - Founder & CEO Pendidik Indonesia Pelopor Perubahan


When like-minded people gathered and got to share their dreams, that's - radically inspirational. That's exactly what I got from YOURS; it has provided me the space to acquire knowledge, new friends, but most importantly it enlivened an ever-growing spirit. I'm sincerely YOURS!

Amanda Rosetia - Universitas Internasional Batam

Stories & Insights

We identified that there is a need to improve existing education practices and transforming the notion of "education for school" into "education for life". This understanding will ultimately create future leaders who are lifelong learners.

By promoting empathy through science, creativity, and innovation, we believe we can encourage various stakeholders including society to work together tackling various issues around them as a manifestation of collective responsibility.

For the last five years, our own works have been driven by human interests and we found there is a need to change perception and improve creativity skills in order to be agile in this complex world. Creativity will allow people to improve empathy as we found ourselves less important in the vast growth of technology.

Forming a pool of responsible individuals who are not only capable and lifelong learner, but also concerned for others and actively participate in solving problems around them should be a priority embracing future society.

There is no scarcity of talent, but there is hindered potential.

Developing empathy is the first and foremost step towards future society.

Creativity is a foundation to create something out of nothing. To develop a well-round creativity, you need empathy.

Along with increment of impact investment and SDG agenda, leveraging social entrepreneurship to generate lifelong learners with empathy is an effective strategy in transforming the society in general toward a volunteerism culture and becoming the vanguard of innovation.

If a pool of like-minded people sharing the same thought take actions collectively, they will change the world.

Social Entrepreneurs are driven by their empathy to become useful for others. This is the start of being aware of one's own creativity and being innovative!

Dreaming of a better and sustainable world? We do, too!
Let’s talk the walk and walk the talk together. Let us all become #HistoryMaker.